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LYZANXIA - Recalling Lullaby (2008) - Free EP

Produced By David Potvin & Clément Decrock
Trepan Records
Lyzanxia Album : Recalling Lullaby
1. Trepan
2. My Prisoner
3. Hurricane
4. Slave Cross

Line UP :
Guitar/vocals - David Potvin
Guitar/vocals - Franck Potvin
Bass - Vince Perdicaro
Drums - Clement Decrock

To celebrate LYZANXIA's 10-year anniversary, we decided to treat ourselves, our fans and our buddies to something really fun and special...brand new versions our 4 favorite songs from our very first demo LULLABY! The 4 songs that we picked for a special 2008 total makeover are Trepan, My Prisoner, Hurricane, and Slave Cross. We just finished re-recording them and it feels so good to be able to offer them to you all with the sound that they deserve! And of course we had a blast and many fits of laughter re-arranging and re-listening to the original versions! The cringe factor was off the charts and it was so much fun to go back to those very early days and realize how much we have evolved in the past ten years! So here's to you guys, thanks for all the good times and get ready for the next ten blasting years! Enjoy those 4 much more ballsy and heavy songs - vintage 2008 -