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David Potvin Franck Potvin Vincent Perdicaro Clément Rouxel

Line up:
David Potvin - Lead guitars/Vocals
Franck Potvin - Rhythm guitars/Vocals
Vincent Perdicaro - Bass guitar
Clément Rouxel - Drums

' If there's one band that can be called grand and epic, while accomplishing that feat at the jagged edge of the extreme, it is French thrash professors LYZANXIA. Unsu is surely the band's crowning glory of magic metal moments, its technicality, its patina of industrial, and above all its passion filled thrash anhtems sure to impress those with a discerning ear through 2006 and into 2007.' BWBK magazine #100, Nov 2006.

These are the foundations of a band worth checking out at all costs and that Canadian magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles penned as 'the possessors of quite possibly the best thrash riffs in the business'. LYZANXIA have created an obsessing world, in which beauty and terror intertwine, crafted by an incomparable technique and a brutal yet melodic approach. LYZANXIA's music is all about diversity and creativity based on a decidedly energetic style boasting the incredible chemistry of two vocalists-guitarists (David Potvin - lead and Franck Potvin - rhythm). Beside delivering insane riffs, the two brothers give LYZANXIA their trademark addictive, dueling vocals in every range imaginable from thrash to death to clean. They are backed by an implacable and powerful rhythm section with Vincent Perdicaro on bass and Clément Rouxel on drums. The LYZANXIA sound has been shaping and making its mark throughout the years and now is the time for it to be revealed full-blast with brand new album 'Locust' on XIII bis Records.

Before LYZANXIA inked a deal with XIII bis in 2010, they experienced a strong and steady evolution as soon as the inception of the band back in 1998 when the Potvin brothers recorded their first demo 'Lullaby' which put the band on the map and got them to play live with such bands as Edge Of Sanity, Disfear, Loudblast,, etc., and revealed them as a powerful live band. LYZANXIA then enrolled the services of one of the best European metal producers for their first album 'Eden': Fredrik Nordström. 'Eden' was released in 2001 and was acclaimed everywhere by the fans and the media (6/6 Hard Rock: France, 84/100 Burrn: Japan, 9/10 Metal Mania: Canada, etc.). A French tour followed in the spring and the band worked on two videos ('Bewitched' and 'Dream Feeder'). 'Eden' also marked the beginning of the collaboration between the band and artist Alain Tréhard who designs all the covers and booklets of the band.

2002 was a major step for LYZANXIA with the recording of a new album, 'Mindcrimes'. The band worked once again with Fredrik Nordström, achieving impressive results together marked by the clear branding of the LYZANXIA style and sound on 'Mindcrimes'. In May 2002, David and Franck flew to Göteborg in Sweden to mix the tracks with Fredrik at the Fredman Studio and to do the mastering of the album with Goran Finnberg at the Mastering Room Studio AB. On October 2nd 2002, Japan (King Records) became the first country to distribute 'Mindcrimes', which was immediately embraced by the Japanese media and fans. 'Mindcrimes' received the score of 86/100 in the highly respected Burnn! Magazine, which put the band in the top five scores out of seventy releases reviewed in that issue. To support the album, LYZANXIA shot a video for the track 'Silence Code' with director Yohann Jouin and for 'Medulla Need' with director Guillaume Pin. LYZANXIA then took to the stage in June, offering the French fans shows with Shaman then Behemoth. The end of 2003 symbolized a major turning point in LYZANXIA's career when they, signed a worldwide deal with Californian label Reality Entertainment. 'Mindcrimes' was released in the USA on March 9th 2004 and a couple of months later in parts of Europe. Lyzanxia even got voted 'best newcomer of the year 2004' by the readers of German magazine Rock Hard. With the US fans and media embracing the album, Reality Entertainment decided to launch a full US tour in Sept. and Oct. 2004, which enabled LYZANXIA to play all over the US and Canada. The band then spent most of 2005 writing and putting the finishing touches to a new Lyzanxia album as well as their side-project Phaze I with drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork).

2006 became another key year for LYZANXIA, who inked a deal with Listenable Records and recorded and mixed their new album 'Unsu' in Jan./Feb. 2006 at the Fredman Studio in Sweden with producer Fredrik Nordström, assisted by Patrik J. Sten. The 12 tracks were then mastered by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Maid Studio. LYZANXIA supported the worldwide release with such high profile tours as their first UK tour with Soilwork in September 2006 and shows in Belgium, France, Italy, and Switzerland, where they played at the Metal Days Festival with bands like Samael. At the beginning of 2007 LYZANXIA released the video for title track 'Unsu', which features very special guest Myriam Szkudlarek, the world champion of Karate, who perfoms the actual Unsu kata in it.

In May 2007, LYZANXIA embarked on a huge 30-dates European tour with The Haunted from Sweden and Municipal Waste from the US, delivering their surgical thrash to audiences far and wide. The band concluded their trek through Europe on their home turf in France with a performance on the Gibson Stage at the famous Hellfest in June 2007. In September, LYZANXIA hit the stage again for another set of gigs in France before they finally settled down at home to start composing the following album.

During the composition process, the band took a creative break in October 2008 to record their EP 'Recalling Lullaby' and to make it available on their MySpace, exclusively for the fans. This EP featuring 4 cover versions of songs from their very first 'Lullaby' officially marked and celebrated the 10th year anniversary of the band.

In January 2009, LYZANXIA left for the Studio Déclanché in Switzerland to start production on their new album 'Locust'. The drums were recorded there and then the rest of the album was recorded in France at the Dome Studio. 'Locust' was mixed in November 2009 and it was later mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room in Sweden. LYZANXIA signed a European license with the label XIII bis in February 2010 with a highly anticipated May 2010 release.

Strengthened by all the enriching experiences of the past few years from recordings to tours, LYZANXIA is offering today their most powerful and their most carefully developped album to date.